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    Welcome to the donation part of the website, here you will find the prices of items you can donate for in the server.
    donating to the server will help pay for the cost of hosting the server and will keep it running longer. Thank you for taking your time to have a look at this page.
    All donations over £10 get donator rank! 

    Donate button (for pre arranged items)
    only use this if you have arranged a deal with me ingame - i pk vls i -

    Banking book gives you the ability to bank anywhere in game except the wilderness.
    Donating Only Items
    In-Game name here
    In-Game name here
    In-Game name here
    Donating Only Items
    In-Game name here
    Armour donations
    In-Game name here
    Shields + godswords
    In-Game name here
    More Dung
    In-Game name here
    In-Game name here
    Ect Items
    In-Game name here
    donator points are points you use on the chest in the donator zone, you have a chance to get good items + money or bad items + money its a luck thing ;3
    Donator Points
    In-Game name here
    prices may change at anytime please suggest what should change price on the fourms ;3
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