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    Server updates:
    Hey guys, It's Ryan here (or I pk vls i) and i thought i 
    would update you guys on some of the new features of Exile!
    Yes the server has been down for a while now due to me not 
    being able to continue the upkeep of it but now its back and 
    stronger than ever!

    New features:

    Working potion flasks:
    Potion flasks have been added and are perfectly working like Runescape! Decanting of flasks will be added before online release.

    Added Armadyl storm (replaced Fire wave):
    I have replaced the Fire wave spell with Armadyl storm and it requires Armadyl runes to use, these runes are crafted by gathering the shards and making them into Armadyl dust or saving them up to create an almighty Armadyl battlestaff. (hopefully replacing fire wave icon with arma storm)

    Overloads work perfectly now and no longer crash the server:
    Overloads used to crash the server and thus had to be disabled for a while, now they are working just like Runescape and have a timer on them to work perfectly.

    Hover xp is now fully functional and no longer goes off the client:
    This little bug used to annoy every hard working skiller, now it is no longer a problem and you can see your xp till level again!

    New Founder rank:
    For all the generous donator's there is a new rank out called "founder" this rank is purchased via the donate page of the site. There are many benefits of becoming a founder instead of a donator and they are (but not limited to) :
    •  New items! - yes, Founder's will gain access to new items that are due to be added.
    •  New Areas! - Brand new area's for Founders to socialize, skill and do whatever they want!
    •  Access to new monsters! - If any new monster's are released they will be first shown to founders!
    •  Personal yell tag! - All founders are allowed to request a custom yell tag as long as it is acceptable (no racism and other things).
    When you purchase Founder you will also get the rights of donator's aswell, everything you read here and more waits for the freinds of Exile. (Custom yell tags have to be added by me, please contact me ingame.)

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