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Price Guide (Rough)
MurphsterDate: Wednesday, 2011-10-19, 4:28 PM | Message # 1
Group: Moderators
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God Armour And Weapons
Bandos Chestplate: 200-325m
Bandos Tassets: 1b+ At the moment expect this to drop
Bandos Boots: 75-100m
Bandos GodSword: 250-350m

Saradomin Sword: 150-225m
Saradomin GodSword: 300-400m

Zamarok Godsword 275-350m

Armadyl Helmet: 250-300m
Armadyl ChestPlate: 300-350m
Armadyl Skirt: 275-325m
Armadyl Godsword; 1.5bish

Misc Godwar items
Godsword Shard 1 50m
Godsword shard 2 75-100m
Godsword Shard 3 75-150m
Armadyl hilt 500-700m
Bandos hilt 125-200m
Zamorak Hilt 125-200m
Saradomin Hilt 150-225m

Chaotic Rapier, Longsword, Crossbow, Staff, Maul 1.25b-2b
Chaotic kitesheild, Eagle eye, Farseers Shield, 750-1.1b
Arcane Stream: 450-650m
Ring of Vigour 350-450m

Imbued rings
Berserker ring (i) 200-300m
Archers Ring (i) 200-300m
Seers Ring (i) 175-275m
Warriors ring (i) 125-250m

Nex Armour
Torva helm: 500-700m
Torva Chestplate 900m-1.2b
Torva platelegs: 800m-1.1b

Virtus Helm 500-700m
Virtus Robetop 800-1.1b
Virtus Robebottoms 800-1.1b

Pernix Hood 600-700m
Pernix Body 800-1.1b
Pernix legs 800-1.1b

Spirit shields
Specteral 500-750m
Elysian: 800m-1b
Arcane 800m-1b
Divine 1.5b+
Blessed Spirit shield 400-700m
Holy elixir 400-700m
Specteral Sigil 150-250m
Elysian& Arcane Sigils 300-450m
Divine Sigil 800m+

Misc Weapons And Armour
Claws 800m-1.1b
Statius warhammer 200-300m
Hand Cannon 350-400m
Dragonfire Shield (DFS) 250-300m
Amulet of Fury 35-60m
Dragon boots 40-80m
Frost Dragon bones 5-10m

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VulcanixDate: Thursday, 2011-10-20, 0:13 AM | Message # 2
Group: Users
Messages: 15
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This is good price guide to start with! I hope that people will follow this
BawsDate: Thursday, 2011-10-20, 3:13 AM | Message # 3
Group: Users
Messages: 8
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U forgot to put me in the list.
Just copy and past:

Baws - Priceless

Hardstyle Pride
rosieDate: Thursday, 2011-10-20, 5:15 PM | Message # 4
Group: Users
Messages: 9
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Thanks For the price guide happy biggrin
peekabooDate: Monday, 2011-10-24, 3:23 PM | Message # 5
Group: Users
Messages: 11
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phats and masks prices? or there are none in game atm?
MurphsterDate: Monday, 2011-10-24, 4:26 PM | Message # 6
Group: Moderators
Messages: 20
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Phats and masks are completly up to the people who own them, to choose the price they will sell for if they can find a buuyer

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peekabooDate: Monday, 2011-10-24, 7:48 PM | Message # 7
Group: Users
Messages: 11
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but hw much are statius armour pieces since i cant find em here
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